Commercial Property Maintenance in West Palm Beach

A customer pulls into your lot to visit a business on your property and can’t park because the last spot is filled with leaves and debris. A business owner stops by the construction site of their new office and gets a nail in their tire. A potential buyer pulls into your business suites and sees empty coffee cups, a fast food bag, and litter everywhere.

These are real life situations and they can completely change someone’s perspective of your business, your property, even your work. These situations can also be easily prevented.

Facilities Pro-Sweep in West Palm Beach is a professionally managed lot maintenance company that will take care of your property or lot. We will Sweep your parking lot, Clean Up litter and debris, Maintain your construction site, Power Wash your sidewalks, or even Fix a broken road sign. We will help you maintain a clean, well-kept environment for your property or business.

Power Sweeping and Construction Sweeping

We stand by our Sweeping Services. We use only the best and latest equipment and machinery to Sweep your parking lot, garage, roadway, construction site, or curbside.

Comprehensive Sweeping Services also include a full inspection post-sweep. Many heavy-duty sweepers will miss the occasional litter. Our workers will walk the premises on foot to make sure nothing is missed.

Porter Services

Along with sweeping, Facilities Pro-Sweep offers an array of Light Duty Property Maintenance Services. Our Porter Services can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you need someone to Change trash bags and Wipe down cans, Maintain your dumpster area, Repair pot holes or car stops, we can help.

Give us a call today at 561-616-6363 to learn more about the services we offer.

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